The power of a carefully selected mastermind group is irrefutable. 

We have two options that are affordable, stretching and progressive whatever stage of business you find yourself. 
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Why you need a mastermind group

 FACT  The biggest threat to your long term success 
is that your brain only sees what it has been programmed to look for. 

It's an energy saving featre of your reticular activating system
and it acts like a built-in auto-pilot.

The problem is that it will also hold you back
because the thinking, skills and mental maps that got you this far
will not be enough to propel you forwards. 

You've probably heard it said.....
.....if you keep doing what you've always done
you'll keep getting the same results. More of the same. 

It's more tricky than that.

If you keep seeing it the way you have always seen it,
you will keep thinking about it the way you have always thought about it.
So you'll keep doing it the same way....even when you are using new tools.

The rest you can work's more of the same but different.

 Reactive learning by downloading new info & tools to fix 
 today's issues no longer works....for reasons we can explain later.

 You absolutely must be intentional and committed
 to expanding your leadership capabilities
 if you don't want to get left behind.​

 Put yourself in an environment where your assumptions are challenged and your eyes are opened to discover new ideas and possibilities you would never have looked for.

Plug in to a community that has your success as its purpose,
​the experience and wisdom to help you see further through the fog
and the know-how to help you go there.
It's absolutely vital for achieving whatever it is you are here to create. 

 It's time to surround yourself with eagles 
 and leave the chickens behind 

This community for those who want to be in the 20% that learn how to fly. 

It's for those who are ready to work on themselves in order to be able to work on their business and effectively lead their team to become all that they can be and create extraordinary success.

Which one is right for you?
  MO  LAB 

This is our mastermind community for small business
with turnover less than £5m.
This is a powerful and affordable way to
get business Momentum.

 We bring together the insights and processes
for business growth and rapid leadership development 
with the undisputable impact of an intentional,
progressive, action focused, personally stretching,
supported peer learning group.

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The Academy is for CEOs with turnover of £5mio+

We meet on the first Wednesday of the month in Central London.

You are invited to invest 5% of your precious tome to step back from the noise of the day to day and access the insights of the most advanced leadership thinking.

Discover the power of facilitated peer mentoring and the collective wisdom of the group to help you resolve your greatest challenges.

You have to experience it to understand its power.
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